Photo of the Week – Dorky Taeng


Hello there! It’s friday again! And uh, another weekly photo right?!

Here’s my pick for this week. Photo of SNSD‘s Taeyeon & Yuri.

Ah. Yes. Nothing special? Then, let the two of them tell the story ^^
The scenario:
Yuri: Daebak! I asked for a picture and you know what happened? She literally got me out of everyone. This is nonsense. I asked to get a picture with my camera..
*Taeyeon walks over to Yuri*
Yuri: Hey, I asked one with my camera and you know what she did? She just got me.
Taeyeon: *smiles*
Yuri: It was you? It was you! Kim Taeyeon!
Taeyeon: Well, I was looking for this specific lips. Your lips were pretty, so I got a close-up of it.
Lol! Dorky Taeng strikes again! ^^
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