SISTAR’s Hyorin criticized for having cold attitude at fansigning



SISTAR’s Hyorin is currently underfire for having a cold attitude during a recent fansigning event.

On July 15, several videos and photos were uploaded online, containing footage of SISTAR’s fansigning event that was held on July 13. Hyorin received negative feedbacks from the netizens for her cold attitude and rude conduct towards her fans.

At the fanmeeting, Hyorin said, “I’m not in a bad mood, so don’t misunderstand. A person can’t be smiling for 24 hours, 365 days, right? I wasn’t in a bad mood, I just didn’t have a facial expression.”

After the controversy spread like wild fire, Hyorin sincerely apologized through SISTAR’s official Twitter saying, “Hello, this is Hyorin. I am so sorry for unintentionally disappointing many of you through the fan signing event incident.”

She added, “It was actually a fun time for me being with the fans at the event. However, I tend to be really honest with my fans and I think my actions cause a misunderstanding. I will try not to disappoint you from now on. I’m sorry. I will be Hyorin who tries her best.”