SNSD 4th Anniversary Messages


SNSD‘s Tiffany posted a message on Girls Generation official website. Together is a photo of the girls’ celebration.

4주년 선물로 빠니의 생일파티 미공개컷 짜잔! ㅋㅋ
(시카는 결석했어요..) ㅠ
그래도! Happy 4th to my girls & my소원^^
오늘은 ”우리”의날이다아아아아앙
As a 4th anniversary present, Ppani’s birthday party unseen cut, ta-da! keke
(Sica was absent..)ㅠ
Still! Happy 4th to my girls & my SONE^^
Today is ‘our’ dayyyyyyy~
Taeyeon’s Message:

Hi!!!!!!!!! I’m T a e y e o n!! ‘ㅡ’//
Everyone! It’s the 4th anniversary since SNSD was born!
Wow everyone clappp!!!! hikhik -clapclapclapclapclap- jjalajajasahtjat clap! clap!
Thank you for supporting and giving us strength the past 4 years. Fans’ strength is the best.
Recently… We saw all the AAGG DVDs^^
You all saw it, too, right?
After watching it all, it really sunk in that 4 years have passed!!
Why are our old videos in there??? Hm???..
Hehe. ^^
Those that have supported us since our debut.. And all those that recently started to gain interest in us…
Everyone of you are special to us and we are thankful!
We always only received from you.. so always.. give us a chance to give back^^ okay?
4th anniversary… I want to spend it meaningfully~
And I will end this message shortly here..
Since I’m going to write again for our 5th anniversaryyyy. hehehe
Congratulations SONE^^^ Contratulations SNSD!!!!!!!!!
Ah, I’m in a good mood.”

Sooyoung Message:


“SONE who keeps pressing refresh button thinking
that there might be a new post…
Did you just look back? hehe…not that side, up..peekaboo!!
This is cheerful princess SooYoung! ㅋㅋㅋ
Lol this kinda feels a bit awkward because I haven’t done this in a while..
How are you all doing? We met a little while ago but I miss you guys already..hehe
It’s our 4th anniversary! hehe time goes by so fast~
It seems like yesterday when we rode around in the Girls’ Generation bus saying “Right now it’s Girls’ Generation~”
but uou guys made it to be Girls’ Generation today..Thank you so much..ㅠㅡㅠㅡㅠ..
I am always thinking what I should do because I am so thankful but I always end up with the same decision.
Me being who I am right now~ That’s what you want the most right?ㅋㅋ
The best gift that I can give to you!!
Just to stay healthy like now, be thankful and appreciative but not sorry, just like how I’ve been right?
Well how do I know so well? keke because that’s what I want from you guys too~~
I knew you guys would think that too hehe.. You should always stay healthy! Health is the best thing ;)..
Don’t fall off somewhere like me..ㅋㅋㅋ
Don’t get hurt..stay physically and mentally that on the day that we come back
you all could kick the roof and high kick and fly in the air powpowpowpowpowshoongboongshoong
Bring your broomstick I ordered my firebolt a long time ago but it’s not here yet..
hehe I love you Thank you”

Yuri Message:

“Waaaaaahhh It’s 4th year already^^^^^^!!!!
what I felt about the spped of time or that of our fans would be the same right?!
we already know each other so well..
we don’t need to check that our feelings are the same right^^?! Yoyoyoyoyo!!
Fast isnt it?!!..right?!
I thought it was really fast when it was our 1st anniversary…but we had 4 times of that time together..wooowww we must have grown a lot~
The memories we shared, or the depth of our thoughts for each other..
I am really the extent I can’t even describe in words…!
You have no idea how happy and thankful it is for me to have people who cheer for no matter where I am and what I do.
You know, a little while ago when I was looking at our girls~ members^^!
I looked through their feet~it made me a bit teary~ㅠ-ㅠ
When we run around in heels in a three hour long performance, and practicing
we end up hurting our feet and sometimes we feel like our body is gonna crash..
then it might bleed and bruise, sometimes even breaks~^^
but then again..I told myself that it’s just something that we do..
and I saw our members’ feet that can’t get worse and their calluses~
when I looked into them they were actually all ruined~
even the shape..toe nails..unlike the beginning when they were all soft and nice..
but maybe because of the responsibility that we are to be shown we all tried to cover up the scars with different colors ^^
and..after flights over ten hours with puffy face and our body,
even with their exhausted body I saw a little pain when they were smiling in front of the splash of flashes and to the fans who were smiling and waiting for us..
pain..pain..?! no just cute pain!
letting us feel that such trivial inconvenience…and cute pain..
fans who allowed it to not be pain itself because it’s cute pain..
and fans who looked even once and cheered for Girls’ Generation
Thank you so much!!
I would really like to give back..this feeling..
It would take me my lifetime to give all the love back..^^?!
and because I think it would take at least 14 years for you to enjoy it..
Stay by our side till then.. ok?! Thank you and Thank you!
our members, our staffs, please love them all~~~~~
I’m gonna do that too^^!! yap”

Seohyun Message:


소원 여러분~!
안녕하세요~ 소녀시대 막내 서현입니다^^
오늘이 저희 소녀시대가 태어난 지4년째 되는 날이네요~!
4년 동안 즐거웠던 순간, 행복했던 순간,힘들었던 순간..
저희 아홉 명 곁에는 언제나 소원 여러분이 있었기에
긴 시간이지만 돌이켜보면 하루하루를 소중하고 값진 경험으로
채워나갈 수 있었던 것 같습니다..
아무것도 모르고 마냥 철없던 10대 소녀들이
4년 동안 많은 꿈을 이루고 성장해나가면서
참 많은 것을 배우고 또 느꼈습니다..
아직도 많이 부족한 저희를 언제나 한마음으로 응원해주시고
사랑해주셔서 진심으로 감사합니다..
아직 4년밖에 안됐습니다!!
여러분의 사랑의 힘으로 앞으로 더 큰 꿈을 꾸며 이루어 가고 싶습니다!!
소원 여러분! 소녀시대가 40살이 될 때까지..
영원히.. 함께 추억을 만들어가면 좋겠습니다^^
여러분의 삶에 소녀시대가 있어서, 또 저희의 삶에 소원이 있어서
참 행복했다고 추억할 수 있는 그날까지..!
저희 더 열심히 하겠습니다!!
지금은 소녀시대♥

“Hello~ This is SNSD’s maknae Seohyun^^
Today is SNSD’s 4th birthday~!
Enjoyable moments, happy moments, tiring moments from the past 4 years..
Because all nine of us have SONEs
although it is a long time, looking back, every day was special and a good experience
which is how we could go through it all..
Young, immature girls that didn’t know anything
grew making many dreams come true for 4 years
and learned and felt many things.
Despite us not being perfect, I honestly thank you all for
loving and supporting us equally.
It’s only been 4 years!!
We want to make bigger dreams come true through your love and strength!!
SONE! Until SNSD becomes 40 years old..
I hope we can make memories together.. Forever^^
With SNSD in your lives, and SONEs in our’s
we’ve been very happy, and until the day we can reminisce..!
We will work harder!!
Right now it’s SNSD♥”

Jessica Message:

“It’s already our 4th anniversary~ Time goes by so quickly~
Our fans who’ve given us so much love~ And our SOne come to mind!
And not to mention our members ^^*
Thank you and let’s share time together lots and lots of great memories!!
Mm~ I hope SNSD’s songs and my voice will be like vitamins to you all~
Thank you, and I love you. Right now, from now on, forever Soshi 😉 ppyong

ps: Soorrrryyy for putting up my message late”

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