The Author’s KPop Story


Like what I mentioned in my “About” page, I came from the Philippines. But have you ever wondered how I’ve been into Kpop? I decided to write something about this matter. To share my own story.

Kpop. Also refered as “Hallyu“. Lately, you’ve been seeing or hearing this “Hallyu Wave” thing for sure. It’s all over the internet and news. It’s like a contagious fever, and it influences not only Asian countries, but even US and Europe too. I used to watch Kdrama and Kmovie, so no wonder, I’ve been caught by this so-called “Kpop fever” too.

I’m always in my computer everyday. Almost 12-15 hours if it’s a regular day. Spending my time checking for latest news first, then if I’m not to watch movies online, I’ll browse for some music while playing some online-games. Early of the year 2010, while doing my regular habit, I saw this particular video. It’s a music video of a girl group called “SNSD” entitled “Genie“. Like I care what does SNSD mean, I just want to see these sexy and beautiful girls dancing. And hell yeah, I was struck by “Love at first sight” with one of the girl. And what comes next? Go straight to google, and search “SNSD members”. And then I found out that SNSD stands for “So Nyu Shi Dae” which means “Girls’ Generation” in english. More importantly, I now know who that girl is… Seohyun.

It didn’t end there. I watched all of Seohyun and her group’s music videos. Looked for more shows of them. And before I realized, I’m completely a SONE. (Girl’s Generation’s fans are called SONE). They are nine in the group, and I can recognize them each. Impressive? Kekeke.. But knowing all of them lead to a twist. My attention was diverted to another member. Forget about Seohyun, I’m  inlove with another girl. Her name is Taeyeon. The leader of the group. She’s so cute and dorky. Way more adorable than the maknae Seohyun. (Maknae means youngest of the group). Since then, I’ve been watching lots of variety and talk shows. As long as Taeyeon’s there. Watching these shows introduced me to other idols. And omg, there are lots of them! But luckily, I can recognize mostly of them now especially the girl groups. Lol!

Enough of the fanboy-ing. Yes, Kpop caught me already. I’m interested not only to SNSD but to other artists too. I appreciate all their music now. I bought CD and DVDs too. (Since some CD is not available locally, i bought some in the internet). I forgot about local radio stations, and tuned in korean radio instead. I even understand some korean words now. I can’t live without Kpop now.

And since I’m somewhat up-to-date about Kpop, why not share it others? This is why I created Fueling Beyond. To share my interests and the latest news to the readers.

This is my story. Why not share yours? Hit the comment!